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“We tend to overestimate technological development and underestimate behavioral change. I think the development of gender equality will be the biggest impact of our time in the long term. At the same time, it's embarrassing that we didn't take this step earlier, RedLocker should be a given in all workplaces!"

- Are you hanging on?

Rickard Lyko - CEO, Lyko

"Dryft ♡ RedLocker

We are so incredibly satisfied with the products, customer service & commitment. We are proud to join hands with RedLocker in this important change work. As a craft company, we have many employees who are working with clients every day. Together with RedLocker, we developed a solution that we could have in our work cars. A solution that shows their great commitment and focus on solutions."

Linn Byström - Chief People & Culture Officer, Dryft

We have three RedLocker dispensers in the office, both employees and customers love them! Apart from the fact that the lockers are superb and stylish - the customer service at RedLocker is also awesome. Highly recommend!

Jenny Battistich - Office Manager, Narva Communications

"Absolutely fantastic! We have ordered menstrual product dispensers from RedLocker for all our offices and it has been appreciated by everyone. It feels just right and we have received incredibly good service and feedback from them. Can really recommend!"

Josefine Gunnarsson - CEO, KONTORET

"It was time to start this important work. This is another way for us to work on our issues around diversity and inclusion at Nordic Entertainment Group (Viaplay Group) and not only in Sweden, but all our offices in the Nordic region and the UK. We are so happy about this collaboration and hope that we will continue to broaden it as well."

Fatime Nedzipovska - Diversity and Inclusion Partner, Viaplay Group

"As a company where health and well-being always comes first, this is completely in line with our values and an obvious decision for a better work environment"

Joakim Klingsell - CEO, Rituals Nordics

"Our RedLocker is so nice, and it feels so good to be in a workplace that offers this. I think everyone should!"

Viktoria Serreau - Sustainability Manager, ICANIWILL

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