Idrottsstjärnor i kampanj för Nackaföretag

Idrottsstjärnor i kampanj för Nackaföretag

Nacka Värmdö Posten
RedLocker, som startades under en kurs i Ung företagsamhet på Nacka gymnasium, vill, tillsammans med Bauhaus, göra gratis mensskydd mer tillgängligt. Tidigare har RedLockers mensskyddsautomater placerats på samtliga av byggkedjans varuhus och kontor. Nu kommer 40 idrottsgymnasier runt om i landet också få gratis mensskydd.  Läs mer om initiativet här

Tidigare UF-företaget RedLocker i ny satsning – stöttas av Caroline Seger

Former UF company RedLocker in new venture - supported by Caroline Seger

Young Entrepreneurship
The former UF company RedLocker made a big impression in the last season of The Dragon's Den and has been noticed for its dispensers with free menstrual products. Now they take the next step and "show where the RedLockers should be". They now offer free menstrual products in 40 sports high schools across Sweden. Read more about the initiative here

Här får spelarna gratis tamponger: ”Mens ska inte hindra mig”

Here, players get free tampons: "Menstruation shouldn't stop me"

A hundred girls and women in IF Hallby HK get access to free tampons at Idrottshuset, thanks to a contribution from a sponsor. "It's great, menstruation shouldn't stop me from playing handball" says Ia Hallqvist, 15 years old. Read more about the initiative here"

Hur två gymnasielever tog sitt UF-Företag till ett miljonbolag (Medan de revolutionerar samhället)

How two high school students took their UF school project to a company bringing in millions (While revolutionizing society)

This is the story of RedLocker, a company founded by Clara Lidman and Liza Eriksson whose goal is to make menstrual products freely available and break the taboo around periods once and for all! In this documentary we go through: What is RedLocker? How was the company started? How have Clara and Liza managed to raise capital even though only 1% of today's venture capital goes to women? How you can be inspired to dare to go your own way! Watch the full mini-documentary here!

Femtech-kartläggning: 17 svenska bolag som ska förbättra kvinnohälsan

Femtech mapping: 17 Swedish companies that will improve women's health


Femtech has been a hot topic for venture capitalists in recent years. Both entrepreneurs and investors we talk to time and again highlight it as an big area for concern in the future. Now, for the first time, Breakit has taken a deep dive into 17 companies in a fast-growing industry: the numbers, the owners, the investors and our analysis - here's our mapping.

RedLocker an important step towards gender equality

RedLocker an important step towards gender equality

The young girls from RedLocker immediately caught the attention of Ragn-Sells’ HR department when presenting their innovation. The idea of free menstrual care products in the workplace is fully in line with the company’s work on gender equality and inclusion. Read the full article here.

Här är vinnarna för Årets Marknadschef 2022

Here are the winners of Marketing Manager 2022

Yesterday, Årets Marknadschef 2022, a competition organized by the Marketsföreningen Stockholm kicked off. Four winners were selected in the categories Marketing Manager of the Year, Future Promise of the Year, Disruptor of the Year, and Brand Journey of the year. Liza Eriksson and Redlocker were named Future Promise of the Year in 2022. Read more

Gratis mensskydd på skolan blev succé

Free period products at school was a success

Helsingborgs Dagblad
The students came up with the proposal - and the principal got to work immediately. At Kungsgårds High School in Ängelholm, the girl's toilets are now equipped with tampon dispensers. Read more

Skånela IF ger fria mensskydd till alla kvinnliga utövare

Skånela IF gives free menstrual products to all female players

Skånela IF offers, in collaboration with Redlocker, free tampons to female players in her business: - Skånela's board sees the collaboration with RedLocker as an obvious solution to create a safe sports environment, and wants to actively work toward menstruation and tampons to not be something that is taboo, says Per Romild, vice chairman of Skånela. Read more

Clara Lidman – Att vara rätt på vågen, scenskräck och växtvärk

Clara Lidman - Being right on the scales, stage fright and growing pains

In the head of an entrepreneur x Spotify
Free tampons has become a hot potato, and entrepreneurial duo behind Redlockers is just right on the scale. Clara Lidman and her co -founder Liza Eriksson were able to, at 20 years old, get all five dragons to invest when they pitched their company at the Dragon's Den. Clara visits the podcast and I want to know more about when she decided to become an entrepreneur and how she enjoys life as a young entrepreneur. We talk about choosing entrepreneurship over going to university, why menstrual products should be accessible to all women, as well as how to create a brand on Tiktok. Read more

Så startade jag mitt företag: Liza Eriksson och RedLocker

This is how I started my company: Liza Eriksson and RedLocker

Forni Magazine
I remember so well the first time I heard about Redlocker - two young girls who received a lot of media attention after they made success in the Dragon's Den with such an important issue. I remember how impressed I was about these young entrepreneurs with an idea that felt both new and groundbreaking. When we at FORNI were thiking about female entrepreneurs to interview in this article series, Liza and Clara and their company Redlocker came to mind immediately. Read more

Efter elevkraven på Polhemskolan: Ökad tillgång på gratis mensskydd

According to the requirements set forth by students at Polhemskolan: Increased access to free menstrual products

SVT News
Free tampons is nothing new at Polhemskolan in Lund. But the student union was not satisfied and demanded increased and easier access. The school listened and now new tampon dispensers are set up in several bathrooms. "One of the benefits is that the students do not have to go home if they get their period unexpectedly", says Emma Hultman, administrative manager. Read more