Future generations are at the core of our mission

For us at RedLocker, the youth and our future generation have always been at the core of company and our mission. We who stand behind RedLocker are young ourselves. We pride ourselves in creating change together with the power of our generation as the idea
for RedLocker had its inception in our very own school. In just three years,
we have managed to implement free menstrual products in over three hundred school and sports centers all over Sweden. We have not done this on our own!

Since our start, 15% of every subscription we have signed with
our business customers has gone straight to discounted prices for schools and sports centers. It is important to us at RedLocker that offering free menstrual products never becomes a financial issue..

As a next step in that work, we have now in 2022 launched a umbrella-
project "Jämställd Ungdom 2024" which aims to jointly equip
all Sweden's school activities and sports associations with menstrual
products until the year 2024. The project opens up additional ways for
br/>our business customers to contribute with the possibility of direct sponsorship.

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"We are proud of the tangible solutions that the sports world and RedLocker are providing to change the conditions for many girls who have the desire to play their sport and reduce barriers that make them stop prematurely from doing what you love. Our role is to try to use some of our resources and networks to make a small contribution to a better everyday life for those who are building Sweden from the bottom up."

Johan Saxne - Marketing Director

For Sandvik, this partnership with RedLocker is a practical way of showing our strong commitment to and progress towards equality and inclusion. In the spring of 2021 the idea was presented to our largest facilities in Sweden, generating a very positive initial reaction, which can also be seen by the large number of RedLocker procured by Sandvik. In addition to the product itself, RedLocker also has a clear connection to entrepreneurship, business develop- ment, and UF-companies (JA Worldwide), which is something that Sandvik supports through its work in tandem with our two upper secondary schools

Johan Mildner - CEO
FSA Workout Studio

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Frid Svensson - CEO

Tack till Nybergs Bil!

”Vi uppmuntrar IF Hallby Handbolls jämställdhetsarbete i klubben. Små som stora framsteg för ett bättre samhälle och i detta fall, att klubben ser och förstår ett sedan länge tabubelagt behov. Det är fint att vi tillsammans kan skapa en förändring som förmodligen alla föräldrar önskar sina barn i framtiden och det börjar med vårt agerande i nutid. Från Nybergs Bil vill vi även poängtera att det finns många sätt för företag att knyta samman med skolverksamheter och idrottsföreningar som inte alltid har samma ekonomiska möjligheter. Att erbjuda fria mensskydd får aldrig bli en klass- eller ekonomisk fråga och det finns många möjligheter för företagare i länet att vara med i det viktiga förändringsarbetet och agera nu.” - Lovisa Leijonklo, Hållbarhets- och Varumärkeschef

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