Welcome Changemaker!

We are so happy that you are here and ready to make groundbreaking change in your school and wider community! Through advocating for free and accessible menstrual products in your school, you are creating long lasting change not only for you and your fellow students, but also for generations of students to come! If you are interested in getting involved with this important menstrual equity work at the school level, you have come to the right place! ❤️

How can I get involved?

📌 Let us know about a place (school, gym, restaurant, business... you name it!) where you would like to see RedLocker by clicking on the button below

📌 Download our materials and advocate for free menstrual products wherever you want to see them!

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In the app you can:

🩸 digitally take out menstrual products

🩸 find your nearest RedLocker on a map

🩸 join in making menstrual products available where you miss us

🩸 build your profile and become part of our important Community

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Spread the word! 💌

Does your school, favorite restaurant or gym not have free and accessible menstrual products in the bathrooms? Become a part of the RedLocker Community to help change this! By filling out the form below, you let us know where RedLocker should be placed and you get access to materials that can help you spread the word.

For more information, please read our FAQ or say 👋 to us if you have questions at hello@redlocker.se

What materials do I get?

📌⭐️RedLockers Community Playbook : Tips & support on how to advocate for free and accessible menstrual products in your school!

📌Templates for Students: Get started immediately with RedLockers templates that you can use to contact your school administration!

📌Take the Next Step: A PDF that you can print out and give to your principal directly

Currently we only have the Community Playbook in English, but we are working hard to create more materials for you in both Swedish & English. Do you have any ideas of what else is needed to support students? Send us an email to hello@redlocker.se 💌

Download RedLockers community materials!


What does RedLockers Community mean?

If you have noticed that there are no menstrual products in public places that you often visit (for example, school, the cinema, your favorite restaurant, etc.) and you would like to change that, you can become part of our community!

We are a community that wants to change society and work together to make the world more equal.

You can get involved by:

  • Tip anonymously
  • Download our materials and get started!

I think this is an important question but it feels a little embarrassing to talk about periods and menstrual products. How can I start a dialogue?

There is absolutely no shame in feeling that it is difficult or embarrassing to talk about periods. It takes a lot of work and energy to break the taboo that still exists around menstruation in today's society. If you find it difficult to start a dialogue around periods, you can try to find a friend or a teacher who can act together with you! You can talk and at the same time, for example, organize a name collection.

Otherwise, we have good material that you can either email directly to your school management/principal, or print out and drop into their mailbox anonymously. Please take a look at our PDF "Ta Det Vidare" (at the moment only available in Swedish) which you get access to when you fill out the form above.

You don't have to stand out to make a change!

I do not speak Swedish, but I would still like to get involved. Do you have the Community Playbook available in English?

Yes, we do have a version of the Community Playbook in English! In order to get access to it, just send us an email at hello@redlocker.se and we will send it over to you as soon as possible. 📕

Can I get support from RedLocker during this process?

At RedLocker, we believe that the most powerful way to create long-term change in schools is when the students themselves are at the forefront. You are the ones who know your own needs best, have a relationship with your school and are at the top of the principal's priority list.

We have created materials to support you in advocating for free and accessible menstrual products on your own! You can either print a leaflet and leave it in your principal's mailbox, or organize a petition and have a meeting directly with your principal. Of course, you decide yourself how involved you want to be! Once you've taken the first step, make sure your principal gets back to us so we can start implementing the practicalities like (prices, logistics and numbers).

We at RedLocker are of course always here to support you if you need help! You as a student can also write to us directly if you have any questions or if you think we can help you in some other way. You got this!

I have sent you a tip, but nothing happens!

We fully understand your frustration if you have spent a lot of time without anything happening! Once you have done what you can, it is up to the company/school to take the next step. If necessary, we will also contact them. But these things take time, so be patient!

FAQ for students

Where can I download the Community Playbook?

If you would like to get access to the Community Playbook in Swedish (Elevhandbok), make sure to fill out the form "Tipsa RedLocker" on this page! Once you have signed up you will receive an email with a link to the PDF for you to download! If you would like to receive it in English, please send us an email at hello@redlocker.se 💻📌📄

I want to get started, but I don't know where to start!

We are so excited to hear that you are interested in getting started with this important menstrual equity work! Here is a short checklist that you can follow in order to get started. If you would like more information, please make sure to download our Community Playbook!!

🔴 Read through the Community Playbook 📕

🔴 Step 1: Get Started! Paint the big picture & understand your why: Why is RedLocker needed in your school? Why is making menstrual products available in your school important to you? (*Grounding your work in passion will help you succeed!)

🔴 Step 2: Assess & Plan the Situation at your School! 🎒 Gather together like-minded people in your school to tackle this important issue. You can do this through social media, getting in touch with school clubs (elevrådet) or just through word of mouth!

🗣Deepen your arguments: Read our guide on building a solid counter-argument in the case that your school administration is not on board.

🔴 Step 3: Action! Set up a meeting with your school principal & make historical changes at your school!Reach out to our Sales Team if you need support during the final stages of dealing with administrative questions. We will provide you with more materials & support!

🔴 Get RedLocker installed in your school bathrooms 📮📌

❓If you have any questions throughout this process, please send us an email to hello@redlocker.se. Vi är här för att hjälpa dig på alla sätt vi kan!

How do I convince my school administration to get RedLocker?

First things first, you have to assess what the situation currently is at your school. Maybe you already have a solution, but it is not working; your school administration has put this issue on the sideburner, or they just fully do not agree with having period products available free of charge. Whatever the reason is, we can guide you on how to move forward with this process. You can read more about different counter-arguments in our Community Playbook!.

How many RedLocker dispensers does my school need?

This totally depends on how many buildings your school has, how big the school grounds are, how many menstruating students would need products at any given point, and how spread out the bathrooms on campus are. Here is a guideline of how many dispensers your school might need based on the amount of students that would be needing menstrual products:

50-100 students: 1-2 dispensers

101-200 students: 3-5 dispensers

201-500 students: 6-8 dispensers

501-800 students: 9-12 dispensers

801-1000 students: 13-15 dispensers

1000+ students: 15-18+ dispensers

When you are assessing the situation at your school and setting up a plan, you do not need to know exactly how many dispensers your school needs, but it might be good to have an idea as you present your arguments to your principal. If the school administration decides to take the next step and install RedLocker in your school, they will be able to talk more in depth about the administrative and logistical side of things with our amazing Sales Team. 📮

How much does it cost for my school to install RedLocker?

Our mission is to support students to succeed in school and perform at their full potential, regardless of the day of the month. At RedLocker we believe that a financial burden should never be the reason why schools decide not to have free and accessible menstrual products available to their students.

Therefore, we provide schools with a generous discount when subscribing to a RedLocker subscription. Feel free to contact us for more information!